b'Subjects & EnrichmentsSubjects and Enrichments in each phasePhase 1as completing 2 days per week work placement. Maths, phonics, music and PE taught discretely;Within phase 2 there is a high-needs group called other areas of learning accessed through EYFSENRICH (Epinays Nurturing, Re-engaging, curriculum and student-initiated learning.Individualised, Student-centred Hub). Students within this provision present with inappropriate responses Phase 2and feelings to situations, display severe difficulties in Maths, English, RE, PE, Music, History, Geography,managing their emotions and environment following Science, PSHE, Art, ICT, DTrecent significant trauma. Students within this group are taught to deal with and develop emotional Phase 3response and resilience with a bespoke scheme of Maths, English, RE, PE, Music, History, Geography,work based on the social, emotional and mental Science, PSHE, Art, ICT, Food Technology health needs of the student, and guided by the Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum, Phase 4which ultimately aims to re-engage students in the Maths, English, RE, PE, Science, PSHE, ICT. main body of the school.Maths is taught following Students will choose a career pathway (Foodthe whole school scheme of work, and the whole Technology, Sport, Care, Horticulture/Floristry),school English scheme of work objectives are taught wellbeing option (Art, Music, Photography, Wellbeingthrough the termly curriculum topic. for Health), complete a PFA option (ICT for work, careers preparation, lifeskills required for work) asIn order to be outstanding, staff worked well as completing one day per week work relatedcollaboratively to devise 7 key expectations for all placement (vocational catering, bushcraft, outdoorstaff to adhere, we refer to these as the automatics: education, hairdressing, construction and mechanics) High quality learning environmentsHigh quality student work Phase 5 High expectations Maths, English, Personal Wellbeing, Lifeskills, Students make progress Vocational Pathway (horticulture, sport and leisure, Teaching is creative hairdressing and customer services), Horticulture, Vibrant atmosphere is created Mechanics and hairdressing. PFA and careers Individual learning needs are met andpreparation work with connexions and DWP as wellevidenced.Page 8'