b"AssessmentThe school's tracking and assessment of Maths and English in each phaseEYFSThe stages contain objectives relating to National During Phase 1, students are assessed againstCurriculum end of year expectations, which have EYFS objectives in order to prepare them for the nextbeen broken down to ensure they are accessible to phase of learning. The students will work towards thethe students at Epinay.Students move through the Early Learning Goal in the four specific areas ofstage, until they have met all objectives, then they learning: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding themove on to the next one.World and Expressive Arts and Design, as well as thethree prime areas of learning: communication andStages are broken down into eight categories, so that language, physical development and personal,small steps of progress can be measured.A number social and emotional development.Students will beindicates the stage they are working within (or the tracked against these objectives but there will be noNational Curriculum year) then letters represent set termly expectation against the number ofwhere they are placed within the stage, depending objectives to be achieved.It is an expectation thaton the number of objectives achieved. 85% of all objectives are achieved before students move into phase 2.These are as follows: Emerging E LifeskillsEmerging +E+ Students who are part of the schools life skillsDevelopingD provision follow bespoke programmes in coreDeveloping + D+ subjects, where their progress is assessed against aSecureS carefully selected set of objectives which ensureSecure +S+ students are prepared to use basic maths andNext stage readyN English skills in everyday life.Objectives are trackedNext stage ready + N+ numerically according to academic ability; they are not broken down into steps or year groupThe + symbol indicates how far into the sub category expectation as they are for whole-schoolstudents are; for example, 2E+ means students are assessment. working within stage 2 emerging, but have enough objectives to take them towards the end of the During phases 2 and 3, students are assessedcategory.termly to monitor progress using Stages documents. Page 18"