b'Curriculum Rationale and IntentOur curriculum reflects significant changes within theappropriate and relevant are delivered, Ofsted Framework as well as our drive to provide anSubject knowledge linked where possible to theexciting, relevant, and vibrant curriculum for all ourlocal area and local resources pupils.Clear differentiated work and learningenvironments matched to learning need, As a leadership team, we implemented a range ofPreparing pupils for adulthood within all phasessignificant changes which progressed from ourwithin the school, established motto Ready to listen Ready to learnPreparation for relevant destination routes post 16 together to establishing a new school vision: ToCreativity and enrichment opportunities enhancecreate a safe and inclusive centre of excellence byrisk taking, problem solving, and pupils capacityproviding a stimulating environment where learnersto learn for themselves, achieve challenging and inspirational targets, inorder to develop as happy, confident andEach subject scheme of work, subject intent independent learners who are prepared fordocumentation, and subject assessment I can adulthood.statements were developed and written by the subject lead or a subject team, in consultation with Our curriculum rationale evolved through detailedacademic research and senior leaders. All schemes research into a range of existing curriculum models,of work have been through a vigorous quality as well as focussed discussions at senior leadership,assurance process by senior leaders. The planned and input from middle leaders. The outcome of thisand sequenced creative, learning experiences have led to a clear, curriculum framework beingbeen written to maximise all pupils learning potential established. Feasibility studies took place in relationand engagement in order to ensure pupils work to space and staffing, consultation with individualtowards achieving the outcomes defined in their members of teaching staff ensured total commitment,Education, Health and Care Plans. energy, ownership, and drive was established to enable the detailed subject specific work toOur curriculum implementation will: commence.ensure that pupils reach their individual truepotentials during their time at Epinay School, Intentoffer a curriculum which is broad, balanced,The intent of our curriculum has been written withrelevant, and differentiated in recognition of pupilssignificant importance placed around the individualindividual learning needs and learning styles. learning needs of all our pupils, including the relevantprovide a safe, caring, and exciting environment subject specific knowledge and skills to be gained atwhere pupils and staff are motivated to learneach phase in preparation for independence andtogether, adulthood.remove or reduce barriers to learning, prepare pupils for life in modern Britain byImplementationupholding and teaching them about BritishThe implementation of the curriculum is achieved byValues staff developing an innovative, engaging, anddevelop happy, confident independent learnersprogressive new Scheme of Work which deliversready for adulthood.individual subject programmes of study based on the following principles: Relevant and meaningful questions and key skillswoven through all schemes of work, Exciting, creative pedagogical approaches toteaching and learning, National curriculum expectations wherePage 6'