b'EnterpriseEnvironmental Project Research shows that students who receive enterpriseEpinay is situated in an area within easy local access education are three to six times more likely to start ato the coast and country environments. The key aim business in the future (British Council).Students willof this enrichment is to connect students to the world be given a start up grant and expected to work as aaround them, raise awareness of issues impacting team to generate income for school.Students will bethe environment upon which we all depend and encouraged to take ownership of their own success,promote the actions we can take to improve and in doing so key skills such as critical thinking,sustain it.The aim of each project would be to take problem-solving, communication, risk-taking andon an issue that has adirect impact on the local teamwork will all be developed.environment so that students feel empowered to effect change.Cultural Capital Project Cultural capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a student can draw upon and which demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence; it is one of the key ingredients a student will draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work. We aim to give students exposure and opportunity to a range of experiences within a given project in order to develop these skills.Well being CurriculumLife Skills CurriculumEpinay Business & Enterprise School aims toWithin phases 3 and 4, there are two life skills support and teach skills to students and staff togroups.The rationale for these groups is to prepare increase their awareness of emotional health andstudents for adulthood and where possible for wellbeing. We focus on creating a physically,qualifications at the appropriate level. Students emotionally and socially rich environment where keywithin these groups will follow a progressive, relationships thrive and students feel secure in theirbespoke scheme of work which encompasses the learning. The curriculum promotes the student voicekey skills required in maths and English. The key through developing independence and decisionrequirements from all foundation subjects have been making.pulled together and grouped under 3 key strands to ensure they are fully prepared for adulthood:PFA Curriculum Health and wellbeingUnderstanding the world and theThe PFA curriculum works alongside the schoolenvironment ethos of preparing students for adulthood. PFA is Self expression. highlighted in the schemes of work of all subjects. Focusing on securing pathways into training,The phase three group will access enrichment education or employment.afternoons and the phase 4 group will take option choices. Page 12'