b"Tracking ProgressEnrichment activities will beThe school's tracking and delivered once per week toassessment of EHCP Phase 1 students and twiceobjectives in each phaseper week to all students inEHCP outcomes are tracked throughout the school to Phases 2 and 3. ensure that the EHC Plan is a working document with the student at its centre. We aim to ensure that all Groups will follow set programmes (generally 12students are making outstanding progress towards weeks) which will carousel termly.All students willtheir targets.experience different enrichment activities, Phase 1 will do 3 activities, Phase 2 and 3 will do 6 activities overAll phases across the school record evidence of the year.All enrichment staff have produced aprogress towards EHCP outcomes using iPads and comprehensive planning document which sets out thethe app Evidence For Learning.Each time a intent, highlighting the key skills that will be developed. student makes progress towards one of their EHCP outcomes, an entry is added to Evidence For Learning which can display a photo or video and details the student, date, activity, support given and who observed it.This allows evidence to be viewed by anyone with access to the app across the school.Members of the Senior Leadership Team view this evidence regularly and as part of quality assurance across the school.Reports can be generated from the app and these will be produced and used as evidence for EHCP meetings.Quality Assurance EHC Plans and the tracking system will be quality assured termly by the Lead Practitioner for Wellbeing and Inclusion with responsibility for EHC Plans.Page 22"