b"Tracking ProgressThe school's tracking and assessment of Enrichment activities in each phaseEnrichment activities will be delivered twice per weekweek and how the activity will be assessed.The lead to all students in phases 1-3.Groups will follow twofor teaching and learning will be integral in this set programmes per term, (generally 12 weeks) andprocess, pre and post interviews will be carried out to will carousel termly.All students will experience sixestablish impact as well as regular QA drop-ins different enrichment activities over theyear.Allthroughout the 12-week cycle. Portfolios of work in enrichment staff have produced a comprehensiveenrichment books will be produced termly for every planning document which sets out the intent,area.highlights the key skills that will be developed each The school's tracking and assessment of EHCP objectives in each phaseEHCP outcomes are tracked throughout the school tothe date, activity showing progress and where ensure that the EHC Plan is a working document withevidence can be found. This allows all students and the student at its centre. We aim to ensure that allstaff to see how well they are progressing with their students are making outstanding progress towardsoutcomes. their targets.Phase 5 Phases 1 and 2Phase 5 will follow the same model as phases 1 and Every classroom in phases 1 and 2 has a display2 as they are based in the same classroom for all board with their students' outcomes displayed. Eachclassroom-based learning.time a student makes progress towards one of their EHCP outcomes, a cloud sticker is added to theAll progress made towards outcomes is recorded display, detailing the date, activity showing progresstermly and evidence is attached to the EHC Plan.and where evidence can be found. This allows all students and staff to see how well they areQuality Assurance progressing with their outcomes.EHC Plans and the tracking system will be quality assured termly by the assistant headteacher with Phases 3 and 4responsibility for EHC Plans. This is to ensure that all Every class in phases 3 and 4 has a folder containingstudents have a relevant and updated EHC Plan and the EHCP outcomes for each student. Support staffthat all students are making appropriate progress will carry this with them to all lessons and each time atowards their EHCP outcomes.student makes progress towards one of their EHCP outcomes, a comment is added to their form detailing Page 22"