b'Core OptionsCore OptionsSport Option home. It will encourage students to use all of the skills This gives students who may be interested in alearnt to cook recipes for themselves and their career in the sporting industry access to afamilies.Following successful completion of the recognised qualification which they can build on incourse at the required standard students will achieve further education or training.Students who are parta Level 1 BTEC Award in Home Cooking Skills. of the Sport Option group will work towards a Level 1 BTEC Award/Certificate in Sport and Active Leisure. Care option During the course students will experience bothIn this option students will study a broad range of practical and theory-based modules which will givecare units including how to care for yourself, young an insight into the world of work in the sportingstudents, and adult care, including care of the elderly industry, while also having the opportunity to increaseand small animals. Following successful completion their own fitness and wellbeing.Where suitable,of the course at the required standard, students will students may also access the Sports Leaders UKachieve a NOCN Level 1 Award in Preparing to work Level 1 qualification, where they will developin Adult Social Care, units towards NOCN Entry 3 leadership skills which can be transferred to laterLevel Award in Skills for Employment, Training and working life. Personal Development and NOCN Entry 3 Level Award in Independent LivingPersonal Care. Art Option Bronze Arts Award is an exciting two-year courseBushcraft Option which explores fine art and textiles. Students willThis option provides students with an idea of the develop skills within these areas, have theprinciples and practice within forestry. It is aimed at opportunity to visit different art venues in the localequipping students with key skills to access and use area and also participate in a variety of skill-basedforestry principles safely. It is ideal as a taster workshops.Following successful completion of thecourse for students who wish to understand more course at the required standard students will achieveabout Forest School before committing to becoming a Bronze Arts Award.recognised leaders.Following successful completion of the course at the required standard Cooking Optionstudents will achieve a NOCN Level qualification This option gives students knowledge, skills andAward in Forest School Ethos and Principles.confidence to enjoy planning and cooking meals at Page 13'