b"Enrichmentdid not participate. The study showed, in particular,our local environment. The aim is to improve how playful social interactions in Forest Schoolstudents' knowledge about their local coastal support emotional resilience which in turn supportedenvironment by connecting them with nature; academic attainment.opening their eyes to this amazing habitat and inspiring them to care for our coasts. (The Wildlife The aim of Forest School at Epinay Business &Trusts). We aspire to enable students to be Enterprise School is to provide students withindependent, self-motivated, courageous, and alternative learning experiences. Outdoor educationconsiderate and set them up for lifelong learning; it is so important and we aim to give studentsparticularly supports the development of self-esteem experiences which will teach appreciation,and self-confidence.awareness and knowledge of the natural environment. Students will have regular, long-termSTEMaccess to a woodland environment. They will learnScience, technology, engineering and mathematics the importance of their own local environment and(STEM) education is aimed at preparing our students how to respect and care for it. Forest School aims toto see the benefit of these subjects in the real world promote the holistic development of all thoseand prepare them to make successful career involved, fostering resilient, confident, independentchoices. We aim to provide our students with a and creative learners. (Forest School Association). variety of alternative interests that may spark a desire Forest School offers a learner-centred approachto explore independently either as a hobby or career.where participants can learn through a combination of adult-initiated activities and self-directed play andEnterprise exploration. Research shows that students who receive enterprise education are three to six times more likely to start a Beach Schoolbusiness in the future (British Council).Students will At Epinay Business & Enterprise School we arebe given a start up grant and expected to work as a privileged to be near the coast. Beach Schoolteam to generate income for school.Students will be provides students with long-term access to a coastalencouraged to take ownership of their own success, environment as a platform for a new learningin doing so key skills such as critical thinking, experience, where they can explore their naturalproblem-solving, communication, risk-taking and surroundings in an organised setting and learn safetyteamwork will all be developed. around the coast as well asrespect forPage 11"