b'Curriculum IntentOur demographic, context and what we needed to consider when designing our curriculumEpinay Business and Enterprise School is aMain CharacteristicsAs in October 2020 Cooperative Trust School which caters for up to 173TOTALchildren and young people from 4-18 years of ageKS1 - KS4 153 88.44% with a wide range of special educational andKS1 - KS5 173complex needs. Students work at a level that isKS1 6 3.47% significantly lower (typically 3 years plus behind) thanKS2 47 27.17% their peers in mainstream schools, who have andKS3 57 32.95% Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). The schoolKS4 43 24.86% provides provision for students and young peopleSixth Form 20 11.56% with mild to moderate learning difficulties.EHCP173 100.00% Student Premium111 64.16% Many students in the school have identified additionalFree School Meals 99 57.23% needs such as ADHD, ASC/D, (Autistic SpectrumLAC 11 6.36% Condition/Disorder, SLCN (speech and languageSocial/Emotional 51 29.48% communication needs), Aspergers syndrome andChild Services Involvement 23 13.29% specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia,Medication12 6.94% dyspraxia and dyscalculia) where one or more of theBME12 6.94% basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken orOOB4 2.31% written is affected.These students may have limited ability to listen, process, think, speak, read, write,First SEN Need spell or do mathematical calculations effectively. MLD36 20.81% SLD/S-MLD/M-MLD 24 13.87% Some of our students are diagnosed with severeSEMH25 14.45% learning difficulties, these students find it difficult toOther 2 1.16% understanding, learn and remember new skills. ASD 48 27.75% These students will have problems with both theADHD 21 12.14% acquisition of skills and their application to newDCD1 0.58% situations, intellectual or cognitive impairment,S&L 16 9.25% possibly sensory issues or poor coordination.TOTAL173Second Need 138 79.77%Page 3'