b'Designing our CurriculumThe six aspects of design we wanted to incorporate:Step 1: Principles and purposeStep 5: Resources Setting out the intent of our curriculum. We began theAn outstanding curriculum needs high quality design process by establishing curriculum principles.resources. including human resources, practical The curriculum principles reflect the schools values,equipment, environments, placements and teaching context, pedagogy and needs. resources.Step 2: Entitlement and enrichmentStep 6: Review and evaluate Developing our student entitlement. After clarifyingAfter establishing our new curriculum, we will review, our principles and purpose, we set out looking atconsult and modify with staff and students to ensure student entitlement. Our student entitlement sets outthat an outstanding curriculum is in place. and needs how our school intends to enrich its curriculum withcontinue to be met.educational visits, extra-curricular activities and specific entitlements themed days.Step 3: Breadth and balance We arranged our curriculum content into a range of exciting themes and projects ensuring coverage of the statutory requirements of the national curriculum. We made strategic decisions about what it covers, how it covers it and in how much depth to achieve both breadth and balance. Step 4: Teaching narrative After organising our long-term scheme of works, teachers worked on plotting the narrative of their subjects and areas ensuring that it was vibrant and cohesive.Page 5'