b"Tracking ProgressThe school's tracking and assessment of Foundation subjects in each phaseAssessment in these areas is to support subjectFor students who are particularly gifted in a subject specialists and management staff to ascertain wherewho complete Phase 2 objectives before they are students have strengths as well as identify any areasdue to move on to Phase 3, they will be able to for development. This will help with supportingaccess the next set of objectives early. This gives students in making appropriate qualification and lifeflexibility within the assessment system and ensures skill choices as they become older. We also wantedthat students are working towards objectives which to devise a system that would help parents tomeet their learning needs. understand what their students have completed and what is left to do.Termly tracking can be used to see how a student is performing within each subject.A visual profile can Specialists in each subject area have devised twobe created identifying the areas of strength and sets of objectives which students will work towards in areas for development across the phase objectives.phases 2 and 3, before moving on to qualification- The profiles will also show whether a student is on based objectives in Phase 4.These objectives weretrack to achieve the phase objectives before they set in line with the National Curriculum objectives,move on to the next part of their learning journey. whilst also looking at our curriculum intent, subject content and schemes of work for each subject, withEYFS the overall aim being that our students are happy,Students in Phase 1 will follow the Early Years confident, independent learners who are preparedFoundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, students will for adulthood.move on to phase 2 when they have met their Early Learning Goals, or have reached the end of year 4.Students are expected to work on the objectives set for their particular phase, however at Epinay we areThe EYFS profile summarises and describes aware that our learners do not always progress at thestudents attainment at the end of the EYFS. It gives:same rate in every subject. Therefore, if students haven't completed Phase 2 objectives in a subjectthe students attainment in relation to the 17when they leave Phase 2, they can continue to workearly learning goal (ELG) descriptors towards them when they move on to Phase 3.a short narrative describing the students threecharacteristics of effective learning Page 20"