b'Tracking BehaviourEach day, teaching and support staff have thePhase 5 opportunity to award up to seven house points.Independent Living: students leave the house system These can be given for anything during the schoolif they stay on with us at 16-19 study programme.day and informal times including extended schools.By this time our incentive behaviour management Students receive the house points in person forsystem is replaced with a personalised bespoke instant gratification and have the responsibility forindividualised timetable preparing young adults for posting them in the house point post box in thethe next stage of their educational, employment or school hall. They can also hand in to staff who willtraining destination.ensure this is done. House points are counted weekly and results are shared in Friday assemblies. Our house system works from Friday morning to Thursday night. On top of being able to gain House points, students can also obtain weekly certificates that are worth additional points. One certificate is presented to a student in each pastoral group. We also award a weekly Head Teachers award that contributes further additional points. All students with 100% attendance will gain a certificate at the end of each half-term, termly certificates for outstanding contribution in Maths and English are also awarded for additional points. The house that has the most points at the end of each term is rewarded with a house trip. The trip takes place in the final week of term. We ensure that all students can access the trip, so on occasions,one big trip could be three smaller trips to different destinations. As we encourage good behaviour,we also recognise those that have contributed significantly throughout the term but were not in the winning house. A running league table highlights the top ten students with the most house points. We allow the top five students to access the end of term school trip. Page 24'