b"Tracking BehaviourThe school's tracking and assessment of behaviour systems in each phase Smiley face systemThe rewards for points will be given out on a Friday in Students in phase 1 receive a smiley face as athe form of trips or fun activities. A budget will be set reward. This is displayed on the wall in the classroomto use as appropriate each week. Weekly incentives for students to see. Smiley faces can beare used rather than termly for this class as short-accumulated during all lessons, break times andterm goals will be more helpful for their needs and pastoral times. Smiley faces are counted at the endwill in turn help to manage behaviour more of each day and points are recorded for each smileyeffectively. Students must receive 25 points by the face the student has been given.end of the week in order to attend the reward activity. If students do not achieve the necessary amount of Students receive vouchers to spend in the caf whenpoints, they will stay at school to complete set work they reach 25 and 100 points and can choose a prizewith a staff member from the ENRICH team. We will from the points box when they reach 50, 150 anddiscuss with the students at the beginning of each 200 points.At the end of each week one student permonth trips that would motivate them so that they class will be awarded Star of the Week. This awardhave control over their own rewards.is worth additional points.At the end of each term, students will be rewarded with a class trip. The tripHouse systemtakes place in the final week of term, and we ensurePhase 2-4 students become involved in the school that all students can access the trip.house system. We believe our students are gems and therefore have named our four houses: ENRICHClass DojoEpinays nurturing, re-engaging individualisedSapphirestudent centred hub (ENRICH) is a new site thatEmerald caters for students that are unable to handle theDiamond expectations of a full class. They will use a separateRubybehaviour system to the rest of the school.Dojo will be used to give out points for the students at any point of the day. We will use regular, positive feedback to encourage students and give them recognition for their efforts and progress. Page 23"