b"Tracking BehaviourThe school's tracking and assessment of behaviour systems in each phase Smiley face systemOne student per week in each class in Phase 1 is Students in phase 1 receive a smiley face as aawarded a Star of the Week certificate, this pupil is reward. This is displayed on the wall in the classroomthen rewarded with a prize from the prize box.for students to see. Smiley faces can be accumulated during all lessons, break times andStudents can choose a prize from the points box pastoral times. Smiley faces are counted at the endwhen they reach 50, 150 and 200 points.At the end of each day and points are recorded for each smileyof each term, students will be rewarded with a class face the student has been given.trip.The trip takes place in the final week of term, and we ensure that all students can access the trip.House systemPhase 2-5 students become involved in the school house system. We believe our students are gems and therefore have named our four houses:SapphireEmerald Diamond RubyPage 23"