b"Tracking ProgressThe school's tracking and assessment of attendance systemsProcedures Should attendance continue to be a concernAttendance registers are marked in accordance withfollowing a meeting with the Attendance Lead, theLA guidance. Registers should be marked andschool will involve the Absence Monitoring Teamreturned to the main office by 9.20 am. Absencewho will in some cases issue a fine to families forcodes should be recorded as shown in appendix 1 ofnon-attendance.the policy. Students arriving late into school are asked to inform the school office that they haveAbsencesarrived. Registers are recorded daily onto the MISTelephone calls are made to the parents or carers of system.Half termly reports are sent to the LA asany student where there has not been a phone call or requested. Weekly and half-termly attendancereason given to the bus escort for their absence. The figures are collated by the school office as follows: reasons for absence are recorded on the MIS system. Pastoral Teachers keep in regular contact Weekly attendance figures for Primary, Secondary with parents or carers where attendance levels are and Sixth Form are added to yearly attendance causing concern.spreadsheet. Half-termly figures are collated for outstandingattendance (95% and above), good attendance (9094.9%), required improvement (8589.9%)and those causing concern. Every half-term concern letters are sent to parentsof students with attendance of less than 90%.These students are then tracked half-termly.Parents of students with consistently poorattendance are invited into a meeting with theAttendance Lead.Page 25"