b'Holiday ClubsEaster and Summer SchoolThe Easter playscheme is organised for students inStudents can access our Summer School where they phase 1 and 2 classes. The students access andwill develop confidence and social skills as well as experience a wide range of visits within the local arealearning. It is organised for the first two weeks of the where they participate in a variety of practical andsummer holidays. It runs from 10 am to 2 pm each social activities. The activities could include Alanday of the week.Students are transported to and Shearer Centre - Sensory rooms with light room,from school by school staff and provided with a lunch bubble tubes, sensory walk, outside play area, ballmade on site. The activities vary daily and are pool and a cafe. Northumberland Country Zoo - Tourdependent on the age and ability of the students. of the zoo with walk-through areas with the lemursHowever, these are always a mixture of school-based and wallabies, small petting area where the studentsactivities such as art, cookery, team building games, can hold and stroke animals like snakes, tarantulas,bushcraft and sport and also external outdoor visits lizards and burrowing cockroaches. Cinema -within the local area, including visits to the park, developing social skills within their local area.beach, cinema, theatre or local attractions.Whitehouse farm - feeding the animals, tractor rides, jumping pillows and outdoor play and Cragside - explore the outdoors, team building skills.Page 16'