b'ResidentialsResidentialsStudents can access a variety of residentials during5 metres above the ground, then leap off and catch a their time at Epinay. These have exciting and funbar with appropriate safety harnesses. Confidence activities for students to enjoy, but also have specificbuilder, team challenge; number of activity groups goalswhether its confidence building for students,together one evening for various inter-group teambuilding, forging lifelong friendships,challenges. This is an opportunity for the whole-encouraging independence and a sense of personalschool group to share experiences and the Dungeon: responsibility for students moving on to a new phasework through multiple puzzle rooms, typically facing; within school. interactive, 3D shape and number matrix. Students who are 7-11 years of age can access a Students who are in phases 3 and 4 can access a 3 three-day and two-night residential at Robinwood,day and two-night residential at Thurston Outdoor Barhaugh Hall which lies on the Cumbria andActivity Centre. Students will take part in lots of Northumberland (Northumbria was an ancient different and exciting activities which will inspire them Anglo-Saxon kingdom!) border. During their stay,in many ways. It is a wonderful opportunity to open students will undertake 15 exciting activitiesminds and nurture potential, teach life skills, build providing the right balance that will challenge,confidence and create a better understanding of the develop teamwork and stimulate the imagination. world. Spending time away from home offers young people the chance to embrace new adventures, take The activities that are on offer for all students are:risks, face new challenges, build self-esteem and archery, canoeing, caving - indoor adventure activity,make lifelong friends. The activities include canoeing, climbing, crate challenge and team challenge, giantkayaking, rock climbing, abseiling and much more.swing, night line - obstacle course wearing night vision goggles, challenge course - outdoor obstacle course, Piranha pool, skills in planning, communicating, evaluating and problem solving, Quest; team work within smaller groups, sometimes called Dragons Quest or Knights Quest, zip wire, raft building, trapeze; with appropriate safety harnesses, climb up to stand on a platform aroundPage 15'