b"Vocational PathwaysVocational Pathways & Work PlacementsPrior to commencing work placements, the Phase 5 Lead/Assistance Head Teacher will meet with individual students and parents/carers and puts in place a personalised programme that meets the needs of the student.Each student has an individual andE.g: Hairdressing - Study unit award scheme personalised timetable with 2qualication at placement provider placement days, these placements are tailored to help students gainBusiness Administration/Customer Services - experience in the world of work andPlacement is for experience - Qualication completed at 16-18 study programme to gain provide routes into work, training orrelevant qualications. further education post sixth form. Work placements for vocational pathways use a Current vocational pathways include;range of external partners and facilities such as Catering (NVQ)Cafe Epinay on main school site. We have excellent Business Administration/Customer Service links with the placement providers, they are all(NOCN)established placements and offer excellent Horticulture (NOCN)experiences for our students.All placements Hairdressing provide weekly or fortnightly reports on students' Animal Care Work Placementsprogress and photos of the students on placement. SETPD (Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development)(NOCN)Work placements are used to offer specialist training and opportunities which cannot be The above is not an exhaustive list, we aim toprovided within the 16-18 study programme. support students in whatever their chosenAppropriate checks on the registration status of pathway is and have links to a number of industriesthe provision are completed by school and a service and sectors including childcare, art and design andlevel agreement is in place.All placements have a construction.completed Evolve risk assessment and regular visits are carried out to check progress, premises These vocational pathways either offer a stand- and that the provision continues to be a safe place alone qualication or are designed as placementsfor pupils to attend.to gain experience and this experience is then transferred to a coursework qualication back at 16-18 study programme.Page 8"