b'IntroductionReady to listen, ready to learn together.16-18 Study ProgrammeA challenging and fullling bespokecurriculum Work related learning tailored to theindividual needs Personal wellbeing and life skills A range of accreditations Enrichment opportunities Epinay 16-18 study programme is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to give them the best start in their career pathways and adult life. We want to ensure every young person has a challenging and fullling time. We offer each student a bespoke timetable and curriculum that is matched to their vocational pathways but also interests and needs. All opportunities are tailored to individual needs and are designed to develop routes to work.We provide a safe and stimulating environment where our students can truly discover more about themselves, other people and the world around them. Careers guidance and work experience is high quality and tailored to meet the specic needs of the students. (OFSTED 2018)Page 4'