b'Provision & Entry CriteriaType of ProvisionBased in the new school site , 16-18 is designed to meet the individual needs of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) students as they reach 16 years old.The curriculum is designed to celebrate success for all students. All students have a 4 day week bespoke timetable, as an example a students timetable could be based upon 2 days of classroom study programme and 2 days of work related placements, which could be an internal or external placement.Work related placements are offered where suitable in response to the students needs, as an alternative, students may access life skills courses to develop skills which will assist with future pathways. Students start study from September and their leaving date for both years is the last Friday in June.Entry CriteriaThe school caters for children and young people with signicant learning difculties and/or diagnosed learning disabilities who are working at a level of 3-4 years behind their peers and have limited ability to listen, process information, think, read, write, spell or do mathematical calculations effectively.In addition to their learning needs, the childrenA small number of our children have a severe and young people may have some sociallearning difculty (SLD) and/or disability, which vulnerability as well as some difculties withmeans that they nd it difcult to understand, their functional skills, speech and languagelearn and remember new skills.These students communication needs and a diagnosis ofhave problems with both the acquisition of skills Autistic Spectrum Condition.and their application to new situations and possible sensory issues or poor coordination. The school has some children who have anxiety and mental health difculties and requireTransition begins in Phase 4, when students can additional support to meet their emotionalvisit the provision for open evenings or for needs, however, they do not present withschool sessions including lessons and Careers disruptive behaviours.lessons. Students must complete an expression of interest to join and all applications are considered by the local authority SEND panel.Page 6'