Year 7 catch up grant

Year 7 catch up grant

Year 7 catch up grant 2017/18 (interim)

Income received to date £2,083

The grant will be used to provide a range of interventions through the PITSTOP provision in school.

This wide ranging offer includes Personalised Interventions, Targeted Support and Therapeutic Opportunities for pupils.

Pitstop exists to provide enrichment opportunities outside of the timetabled curriculum for pupils who have been identified as requiring additional support. This is an exciting new addition to the provision at Epinay, where we value a creative approach to learning and the development of enterprising skills promoting spiritual, moral, mental and physical development.

Epinay School has a very diverse population and staff strive to use resources and strategies to reflect this diversity, meeting individual need and setting the highest of expectation whilst building resilience and offering opportunities for individuals to deepen their knowledge understanding and skills.

Many of our pupils are faced with barriers to learning as a consequence of their complex needs and staff search for innovative ways to engage and maintain focus and interest whilst challenging pupils to reach beyond their potential.

Pitstop will provide pupils with alternative approaches in overcoming these barriers

In addition we recognise that despite their learning difficulties there are pupils who demonstrate a particular strength, skill or expertise which if nurtured and developed enables them to progress at a greater rate than many of their peers. Through skilled intervention and the additional challenge provided by targeted support and challenge they can strive for new heights, further developing their skills and knowledge alongside their more able peers.

Our aims include:

  • Increasing engagement and motivation
  • Raising educational attainment
  • Developing social skills
  • Promoting emotional well- being

Included in the offer is access to sessions designed to boost literacy and numeracy. Individualised reading support, small group sessions in mathematics and Dyslexia screening and support all form part of the offer.

Access to the programme is referral based and progress data will be gathered half termly.

Full details of the PITSTOP offer are available on the Website.

Impact Measure


The impact of the interventions employed through PITSTOP will be apparent in relevant reports and in behaviour in class and around the school.

Evaluation of approaches will inform opportunities offered and inform future spending ensuring value for money.

Year 7 catch up 2016/17

Income received £7,111 

The grant was used to provide summer school activities to help pupils develop relationships with peers and staff whilst continuing to develop numeracy and literacy levels and build confidence and self-esteem.

Assessment is based on a revised assessment system developed part way through the year, reflecting the move from National Curriculum levels to  “Life after Levels”

2016    2017  
English Mathematics English Mathematics
10 11 12 14
12 17 14 19
12 20 13 22
10 14 11 17
11 14 12 18
10 17 12 21
11 10 12 13
8 9 9 11
13 19 21 23
25 35 33 37
13 21 14 22
10 14 12 18
13 19 15 21
11 19 13 20
11 19 13 21



Progress figures indicated that of 13/16 pupils exceeded progress targets.

All girls met their progress targets

70% of boys met their progress targets


11/16 met their progress target..

66% of girls met their progress targets

70% of boys met their progress targets

56.25% of pupils exceeded target progress in both areas.


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