Governor’s Annual Report

Governor’s Annual Report

Epinay Business and Enterprise School

Governors’ Annual Report 2016/17

Annual Statement of Key Issues Faced and Addressed by Governors

The Governing Board of Epinay School work very closely with the Head Teacher, Senior leadership team, teachers and support staff to promote and maintain high standards of educational achievement. The most important role of the Governing Board is to ensure that all pupils achieve appropriate progress and attainment, while appreciating this can only happen if they are supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professional and competent staff team. Following Mrs Harrison’s decision to retire at Christmas, we began the process of appointing a successor in January 2016. We were unable to fill the role before Mrs Harrison’s retirement, we went out to advert 4 times and were unsuccessful, we believed our school needed a very special head to continue the amazing  journey Epinay school had embarked on. Mr Rue took on the role as Executive Head, working in Partnership with Parkview School, from January 2017. Epinay school has excelled under Mr Rue’s leadership, the school has improved on all levels. We are now preparing for Epinay’s the long term future under Mr Rue’s leadership. The Governing Board have prioritised the following key issues during the year. Our role is to provide the strategic direction for the School and to assist the Senior management Team in continuing to improve the standards and quality of our provision.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

The issue of the children and young people’s personal development, behaviour and welfare in our school can at times be challenging, especially with the increasing mental health concerns of young people.

We have developed and continually improve our working relationship with professional partners most notably increasing the contracted hours of our Multi-agency Key Worker to support both families and young people.

The school has rigorous process for monitoring and supporting attendance which is now well embedded. Under Lynne Murphy’s (assistant Head) coordination attendance has rose by 3.8% from 2015-16.

Impact: This has been evident in the numerous risks to the children welfare, safety and happiness being made safe. Behaviour has remained good in a very large majority of young people. Positive relationships and a positive climate for learning has been promoted throughout the school. Student attendance 2016-17 was 92.3%, this is the highest recorded by the school for over 5 years.

Safeguarding and Safety

Head Teacher and Chair of governors have acted quickly in implementing new safeguarding procedures, this has included a new £15,000 entrance/exit system to the the school. We have reviewed all our policies and procedures in this area. We rapidly respond to those young people who have been identified by Operation Encompass. We have identified a need for a some improved parking systems to be implemented at the entrance gates.

Impact: On going and refresher Safe Guarding training has been completed across the school. Including the Governor board. This ensures that all staff are trained and can appropriately deal with any safeguarding concerns. Parking restrictions have been agreed with highways and road safety improvements are to be implemented once consultation period with residents is completed.  This will keep students safe coming to school.

Improving Outcomes for Students

Numbers on roll have increased to 133 pre-16 and 14 post-16.

We have 4 out of borough pupils on roll.

We have challenged the Leadership team to identify needs and monitor the outcomes for the Pupils who are receiving Pupil premium. We wanted to show improvement for our disadvantaged pupils. We monitored how the Pupil Premium funding was being implemented across the school.

Impact: We have seen better outcomes for some disadvantaged pupils when comparing them against some of our non pupil premium children’s results. The continued use of Music, Art and Dance therapies, are now an intergal part of our intervention strategy.

Teacher assessment is used across the school to measure progress as pupils are working below national expectations making SATs inaccessible.

Epinay School is in a transitionary phase moving from assessment through National Curriculum Levels to “Life after levels”

Our new assessment system currently being trialed enables us to set challenging targets and rigorously track progress, including all potentially vulnerable groupings. In both maths and English pupils have exceeded their targets . Those eligible for pupil Premium exceeded the 1 point target last term by 0.46 in maths and by 0.74 in English.

At Key Stage 4 pupils access a diverse range of externally accredited courses with some pupils achieving GCSE or Level1  in both mathematics and English.

Of the 8 pupils eligible for Pupil Premium 5 accessed some qualifications at GCSE or Level 1. With 2 of this cohort securing 5 GCSE or Level 1 equivalent qualifications.

77% of pupils gained 1 or more GCSE or equivalent qualification increase of 18% on 2016.

100% of pupils gained an Entry Level Qualification in English and maths with 100% of pupils gaining 5 or more Entry Level Qualifications.

At Key Stage 4 those eligible for Pupil Premium achieved on average 7 Entry Level Certificates while the non-pupil premium group achieved an average of 6.7.

The continued use of Music, Art and Dance therapies, are now an intergal part of our intervention strategy.

Leadership and Management

The focus has been on the improvement of best teaching practice and promoting the positive atmosphere for learning. Middle leaders are being supported through their training programme and this is identifying talent for the future. We have reviewed the staffing structure of the School and have introduced TLR positions for Heads of Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form, Maths, English and Science. This will increase accountability at all levels and will enable more sharing of good practice. Accountability is underpinning all decisions made. The curriculum has been continuously developed most notably the personalised vocational learning and mentoring at KS4 has enabled all students the opportunity to work toward achieving an accreditation in readiness for post-16. Inaddition, a creative curriculum has been introduced across primary.

Impact: The impact has been seen by the staff who are embracing the idea of  “leadership” is needed throughout the team and that they make a critical contribution, to the success of the school, this is particularly being developed in the emerging talent pool. 90% of staff (staff review 2017) view the school as being well managed. What is different about the school is that staff are saying, they are relishing the opportunities that they are being given and they are being empowered to make suggestions for improvements.

There has been a healthy pressure on teachers to consolidate and improve their practice to meet ever shifting and complex needs of the children and young people and this has ensured learning progress is always position.

Sixth form

We continue to work in partnership with South Tyneside College. Pupils attend Epinay for 3 days and college for 2, each young person is accessing the college course they want to experience. Students study Maths and English to upskill Entry Level qualification. We are commissioned for 12 place Sixth Form, we would like to increase this to 24 next acemdic year 2018/19. Sixth form building is now complete and occupied.

Impact: All sixth form students either continue in full time college education at STC  or go on to other colleges across the regions to study specific subjects. We now track progression and this year we can begin to compare results. We previously had a 70% drop out rate after year 11, with  the College partnership, we now have +70% success in students continuing in education. Independence of sixth form students has increased vastly since occupation of new building. We tracked the 2016 pupil destinations after year 11 and the cohort are all in education, employment or Training. This is a great success, for a second year running for Epinay school.

Responding to National Education Policy Reforms

Throughout the last academic year, there have been many changes to national policies in education. Governors, have ensured that the School meets all statutory requirements, our website includes our Ofsted reports, Values and Ethos, Pupil Premuim and our Complaints procedure. We also publish, our school offer, events calendar and social media updates to name a few.

Impact: Epinay School meets its statutory requirements and ensures staff are trained effectively as soon as possible after implementation of any new policies.  This has lead to all students being kept safe and students progressing academically as expected, and in some cases better then expected. Single central record is checked externally by the Local Authority and compliant ensuring all staff ensure all students are safe.


Holding the Senior Team to account: A critical part of the governors’ role is to support and challenge the Senior Team of the School. The headteacher and his team are more accountable because governors are now better informed and information is more visible: this has enabled the Governors to be part of school improvements which have been implemented, during this term. There is a strong and robust relationship between Governors and the Senior Team. The Chair meets the head regularly for updates and to discuss wide ranging topics, including expectations, pupils behaviour, attendence and future planning. Governors fully support the work of the School and are able to monitor and evaluate the school based on both primary and secondary evidence. Governors talk to students and to staff and visit lessons, We receive reports about the work of the School. We completed learning Walks and feedback any areas for improvement and celebrate the great work we witnessed. The governors, attend events throughout the school year; assemblies, fundraising activities, Comic relief, Jeans for Genes, Christmas lunch in our Café with members of the public, staff and the Mayor, this gives us further opportunities to engage with the school family.

Impact: It is clear there are numerous and varied activities that makes a significant impact on pupils achieving their full potential. The Chair has commenced the Leadership in governance accreditation. Refresher Training for all governors has been undertaking regards Safe Guarding has been completed. Governor attendance at meetings is very good and apologies for absences are accepted and approved.

Overseeing the Financial Performance of the School: SEF indentified need for another governor with a sound financial background. We Interviewed two prospective Governors and one has been co opted onto board to ensure the school’s financial standing. Governors have worked with the School to ensure continued achievement of the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS). We utilise regular budget monitoring reports to enable us to challenge how spending aligned with the School budget thus ensuring solvency. We forward plan for potential financial changes by working towards a three year plan continually refreshing data once financies are confirmed. The budget is managed effectively,it is continuously reviewed, sustainable and financial resources are used appropriately. A Balanced Budget has been set, with some contingency % built in to budget. Departmental budgets have been introduced and accountability for budgets given to middle and senior leaders. We address financial constraints by supporting the leadership team with further funding ideas and applications.  We did this through regular contact, visits, meetings and the work of our committees. .


School Council where the child’s view are embraced and encouraged House reward system is to be introduced wef Sept 17 (house names are to be based on gems, ie Ruby) Family waiting area to ensure privacy and comfort for parents and carers 4 classroom Portacabin to bring all classes onto main site.

Composition of the Governing Board

3 parent governors

1 head teacher

2 staff governor

1 local authority governor

8 co-opted governors

Committees of the Governing Board

Curriculum, Assessment and Learning

Finance and Human Resources

Performance Management and Pay Review

Chair of Governors Cllr Audrey Elizabeth Huntley

Vice Chair of Governors Cllr Adam Ellison

Epinay Governing Board - information, attendance and register of interests 2016-17

2017 Governance Structure

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