Useful Websites and Links

Useful Websites and Links

NOW AVAILABLE WITH DISCOVERY EDUCATION - ESPRESSO has lots of learning modules for foundation, keystage 1 and keystage 2
for login details please email :

Action for Happiness Calendars – click here to take a look

Here are a few websites that you can access for free 

Easimaths –  Help with logging in – user name is pupil’s first initial (capital) and surname (first letter capital) for example “DMountain”  then you need to add the site reference which is  @ Dianne45 then we have set temporary password as password.   You also need to “allow” flash player, if not running click on the website URL/title box at top of the screen where it says “Not secure” – click this and then click site settings and look for flash player – it should be set as “allow”.  Please note Apple devices do not support flash player (In order to play Flash files, you will need to either download an app that allows you to load Flash websites, or download and convert the Flash file on your computer and then sync it to your iPad)

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