Transport is provided to and from school by the local authority.
Arrangements are made by the Transport Team
Tel:  0191 427 2680

We have a transport manager in school who ensures that children are transported safely.  Home to school transport comes onto the school site every day and we have introduced new procedures which includes minibus parking on the school yard and taxis parking within the school gates to ensure the safety of our pupils.  All bus drivers and escorts have Enhanced DBS checks, carry ID and receive regular safeguard training.  It is parents/carers responsibility for children’s behaviour whilst on school transport and good behaviour is expected, if not the pupil’s bus place may be at risk.  

Epinay School also provide transport for after school and holiday clubs to ensure children are transported safely and have access to holiday provision.

We also encourage pupils to travel independently, with parents permission, and can offer independent travel training, support and provide cycle facilities on request.

In partnership, we offer cycling proficiency instructions and road safety/awareness courses, our primary classes visit Beacon Hill School’s Independent Travel Training facilities and Nexus visit our school annually to talk to pupils about keeping safe on the metro.

Epinay School also have a school metro pass that is used regularly for school outings and promote independence and social inclusion.


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