b'Key Stages 4 & 5 and Curriculum AimsProgression of Key Stage 4In key stage 5 we aim to build on skills, knowledge and experiences gained in key stage 4. Extending opportunities to students choice, developing independent living and social skills and providing opportunities for vocational pathways plus continuation of topics such as personal well-being as well as building on qualications achieved in Maths and English at key stage 4.Curriculum Aims & OpportunitiesThe 16-19 study programme supports all its students to be as independent andLewis gets on well with all the staff and prepared for life after school. his peers. Lewis has come on so well thisStudents are supported at their own level tolast year and learning skills in lifeskills, develop their personal, learning and thinking skillscatering and gardening. Lewis feels safe in order to become creative and independentand comfortable in his surroundings and thinkers. The curriculum and all opportunities areloves going out and learning day to day tailored to the individual needs.things such as shopping, travelling and helping him to understand money. I can Sport and activities depending on the cohort but previous activities have included participating inonly say positive things about Epinay.Durham County Football Association Community(Lisa, Lewis Mam)and Inclusion League tournaments, walking and going to the gym.Page 7'