b'Welcome to Epinay 16-19 Study ProgrammeThank you for taking the time to read this prospectus. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.The aim of this prospectus is to give you a briefWe aim to build condence and self-esteem by introduction to our 16-19 provision and giveensuring our learners make outstanding an insight into the experiences andprogress and experience a sense of opportunities we offer to our learners. We areachievement. Parents/carers, other very proud of our school and all the excitingprofessionals, visitors, volunteers and the local activities currently taking place.community play a vital part in this.We are a Co-operative Trust School whoIf you would like to arrange a visit to our 16-19 strives to ensure that our young people areprovision, please contact the school ofce and safe, happy and well supported and we alwaysI will be very happy to meet you. endeavour to promote increased access, inclusion and participation to assist with theirChris Rue, Head Teacherdevelopment.Marcus journey through sixth form has been like an educational adventure.He has had some amazing experiences that underpin his understanding of the lessons he has when he is classroom based. The relationship between the excellent teaching team and the pupils is amazing. They are able connect on a professional level but which is also personal and tailored to each childs individual needs. As a parent, I have been able to take a step back relax and let Marcus enjoy his journey. Marcus very much feels settled happy secure and valued in his learning environment and enjoys every aspect of his learning and takes every opportunity offered because of this.This is a phenomenal place to learn and I would personally recommend it to any family/learner.(Hayley, Marcus Mam)Page 3'