Governor’s Annual Report

Governor’s Annual Report

Epinay Business and Enterprise School

Governors’ Annual Report 2015-16

Annual Statement of Key Issues Faced and Addressed by Governors

The Governing Board of Epinay School works with the Head Teacher, Senior leadership team, teachers and support staff to promote and maintain high standards of educational achievement. The major concern for the governing body is to ensure that all pupils progress appropriately and appreciate this can only happen when they are supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professional and competent staff team.

The Governing Board has prioritised the following key issues during the year. Our role is to provide the strategic direction of the School and to assist the Senior Team in continuing to improve the standards and quality of our provision.

Safeguarding and Safety:

This is our single most important duty. We have reviewed all our policies and procedures in this area. Twice daily checks ensure we support students whom have been affected outside of the school and are identified by Operation Encompass.


Student attendance is 90.16%. We have introduced rewards for attendance and excellent attendance and good behaviour are celebrated.

We acknowledge that we have a rising number of children who need to attend medical appointments and a number of these families do not have access to transport, so attendance pre and post appointment times is affected.

Michelle Fletcher one of our parent governors and Dianne Mountain our business manager held a very successful event at parents and carers day focussing on how we can collaborate with families to make improvements in attendance.

An improved Minibus parking area was completed in summer 2016.

Safeguarding training has been completed across the school.

Whole staff training on multi agency thresholds,Early Help, Honour based Violence, protecting children from CSE, Prevent/Channel

We organised a designated teacher conference on evidence based practice, this was very well received.

Lynne Murphy is a member of the Safeguarding Forum, she has attended training on FGM, Legal Highs, Making sense of Gut Feelings, Neglect and Child protection, we will be arranging training for staff in the Spring Term.

Improving Outcomes for Students:

We have challenged the Leadership team to identify needs and monitor the impact of pupils who are receiving Pupil premium.


Progress for students at key stages 1 and 2 based upon pupils achieving two refined levels in English and Maths: Based upon pupils achieving two refined levels in English and Maths (pupils are very diverse in the cohort), 6/7 (85.7%) achieved at least two refined levels of those receiving pupil premium and 4/5 (80%) achieved at least two refined levels of those not receiving pupil premium. Therefore statistcally with such a small cohort there is no significant difference (appears slightly higher for PP)

At Key Stage 4 in English, 5 pupils who receive pupil premium achieved entry level certificate English and 3 pupils who did not receive pupil premium achieved Entry level. In Maths all pupils achieved at least Entry level certificate and one pupil who receives pupil premium and one pupil who does not receive pupil premium achieved GCSE D-G grade (in line with expectations) and there was no significant difference seen. The progress of disadvantaged students continues..

We have introduced further intervention strategies using music and art therapies and this is going very well.

Three middle leaders from the school, working alongside two other schools as part of our Teaching School offer have continued NPQML – they should complete by Jan 2017.

Trainee teachers continue to attend Epinay as part of their training to observe and work alongside staff.

A pupil won stagecoach (dance, drama and music) award for summer school, another pupil won an award to choreograph her own work and she will be performing at Dance City in Newcastle. Dance continues to be very successful.

We won a cycling Awards for All grant which enabled us to purchase 12 bikes and it was also used to take Key Stage 4 pupils on a residential course, which they found extremely rewarding.

Further Improving Leadership and Management:

We have reviewed the staffing structure of the School and have introduced TLR positions for Heads of Primary and Secondary. This will increase accountability at all levels and will enable more sharing of good practice. We have expanded the teaching school.


Nic Harrison completed her school direct training and is now employed by the school. Carly Oliver is now a Forest School trainer.

Staff have received information on Video Enhanced Observations (VEO) teachers and support staff have been encouraged to work with colleagues to identify good practice and areas for development, we have plans to create a bank of teaching resources. We have increased staffing levels to meet the needs of number of an increasing number of pupils and complex needs.

We have requested moderation panel to meet to address banding of some children, whose needs haven’t changed, with implementation of Education Health Care Plans.

We have staff trained in counselling. We recognised the need to upskill staff as SEMH is now a vital part of young peoples lives.

CPD. The whole staff have an understanding of ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition), FASD (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome), CPI (deescalation and restraint).

Further Improving Transition Arrangements:

We have improved our transition arrangements and continue to work in partnership with South Tyneside College. Pupils attend Epinay for 3 days and College for 2, each young person is accessing the college course they want to experience. Governors attended the Parent and Carers day.


Numbers on roll have increased to 128 pre-16 and 14 post-16.

We have 5 out of borough pupils on roll.

We track the pupil destinations after year 11 and last years, year 11 cohort are all in education, employment or Training. This is a great success.

Sixth form – This year we had to deal with closure of Bedes World, where our Post-16 provision was located, we instigated our business continuity plan so Post-16 relocated to Clervaux Exchange Building, we have a new refurbished premises within the grounds of Clervaux Exchange for the sole use of Post-16, this will be in place by January 2017.

Responding to National Education Policy Reforms:

Throughout the last academic year, there have been many changes to national policies in education. Governors, have ensured that the School meets all statutory requirements, including, Child protection Policy, the promotion of British Values and the importance of the Prevent agenda.


Epinay School meets its statutory requirements and ensures staff are trained effectively as soon as possible after implementation.

Staff are upskilled when necessary to support the school.

Governor Monitoring and Evaluation:

Governors are linked to particular subject areas and Governors regularly visited the School and the areas they are linked to.  As governors we talked to students and to staff and visited lessons. We also received reports about the work of the School. We completed learning walks and feedback any areas for improvement and celebrated the great work we witnessed. The governors, attend events throughout the school year, Children in Need, Cancer Research, Jeans for Genes. We attend Christmas lunch in our Café with members of the public, staff and the Mayor, this gives us further opportunities to engage with the school.


Governors fully support the work of the School and are able to monitor and evaluate the school based on both primary and secondary evidence. It is clear there are numerous and varied activities that makes a significant impact on pupils achieving their full potential. The Chair has completed the safer recruitment training, Training has been completed for Prevent, Taking the Chair to name a few. Governor attendance at meetings is very good and apologies for absences are accepted and approved.

We have seen the Behaviour Research Group while on our walks and we continue to support research and development. We identified a need to reposition the gateway between buildings, a new pedestrian gate and pathway was completed in Summer 2016.

Overseeing the Financial Performance of the School:

Governors have worked with the School to ensure continued achievement of the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS). We utilise regular budget monitoring reports to enable us to challenge how spending aligned with the School budget thus ensuring solvency. Governors also monitored how the Pupil Premium funding was being used.


The budget is managed effectively, it is continuously reviewed, sustainable and financial resources are used appropriately. We address financial constraints by supporting the leadership with further funding ideas and applications.

Holding the Senior Team to account:

A critical part of the governors’ role is to support and challenge the Senior Team of the School. We did this through regular contact, visits, meetings and the work of our committees. There is a strong and robust relationship between Governors and the Senior Team. The Chair meets the head regularly for updates and to discuss wide ranging topics, including school expectations, pupils behaviour.


Governors have a strong working knowledge of the School. The chair has an ongoing view of the school, and the head can discuss issues as they arise, actions can be taken without delay.

Future Plans

Tesco Award for woodland walk will be completed December 2016.

Sensory room will commence Spring 2017.

New assessment system implementation in line with Government assessments without levels.

Library improvements to continue, we have moved Library to a new location and made it more user friendly.

Composition of the Governing Board

4 parent governors

1 head teacher

1 staff governor

1 local authority governor

5 co-opted governors

2 foundation governors

Committees of the Governing Board

Finance and Human Resources

Pupils Personal Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing

Complaints and Appeals

Chair of Governors

Cllr Audrey Elizabeth Huntley

Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs Lindsey Whiterod

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